Increasing Nonprofit Equity & Inclusion with Kishshana Palmer, CFRE

June 26th, 2020

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We sat down last week for a leadership conversation with Kishshana Palmer, CFRE, CEO of Kishshana & Co., Founder of The Rooted Collaborative, and Author of Hey, I’m New Here.

We scheduled this conversation months ago, and initially our plan was to talk broadly about leadership trends, insights & learnings across the nonprofit sector.

But…then George Floyd was murdered here in Minneapolis. Cities across the state — across the nation — erupted in protest against police brutality and racism.

As any good leaders would do, we assessed our situation and changed our objectives to address the critically important issues of equity and inclusion in the nonprofit sector.

This conversation is a bit more off the cuff, and maybe not as polished as our other episodes. It’s a bit raw. A bit more unvarnished. But such a necessary discussion.

I hope you’ll give us just a bit of grace if the conversation is a little more meandering than you might be used to. I encourage you to listen all the way through, as we cover a ton of important ground.

I’m so grateful to Kishshana for walking through this conversation with us, shooting straight with us, and not holding back.


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