Newport ONE supports equality and justice

June 3rd, 2020

At Newport ONE, we have always believed in the power of one person, one donor, one organization to make a difference in the world. We believe every individual has the power and the responsibility to bring positive change.

We have been moved, heartened, inspired, and emboldened seeing the power of individuals in action across the country, in cities and towns, standing together to unequivocally call for change.

Let us be clear, Newport ONE stands in solidarity with the Black community, including our Black coworkers, colleagues, partners, family and friends to fight racism and advance equality and justice. We believe Black Lives Matter!

We commit as a company to be open, diverse and educated. We know there aren’t easy solutions to ending centuries of systemic racism, but we will hold ourselves accountable to reflect, listen, learn, and use our power to make a difference.

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