Master the 4 Signals For Major Gift Success With Dan Shephard, The Frontline Fundraiser

February 14th, 2019

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In this episode we’re thrilled to have the opportunity to interview Dan Shephard, The Frontline Fundraiser. Dan has decades of experience building relationships with donors, asking the questions that deeply engage donors in the philanthropic process, and now training fundraisers on how to effectively raise major gifts.

We’ll hear Dan share how he’s developed the highly successful “4 Signals” methodology for unlocking the philanthropic passion of donors:

The 4 Signals
• Why: Why do I care enough to let a fundraiser into my living room?
• What: What do I care especially about?
• How: How could I afford to do this?
• Will You: If you’ve done well at asking the first three questions, when you ask this question donors are much more likely to say, “Yes, of course I will!”


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