Vic Volunteer

August 11th, 2020

Vic leads a busy life, but he’s eager to do more to help people. Attract him to your cause through an in-person event, then cultivate him through your digital and social campaigns.

  • Plan a volunteer or fund-raising event that helps prospects like Vic get to know you — and encourages a financial gift. Your event marketing plan should include easy ways to register online and via mobile; e-mail, direct mail and social media campaigns; and press releases both before and after the event.
  • Take control of your story. Word of mouth is vital to Vic, so make sure your website, social channels and marketing campaigns include testimonials from other supporters. Also, think about offering incentives to current donors who successfully refer new ones.
  • Shore up your e-campaigns. E-mail is a crucial piece of any digital strategy, and it’s especially important for Vic. First, clean up and improve your list. Then, segment the list by persona and craft targeted messaging for each audience. Test elements such as subject lines, imagery and offer; track your results; tweak, and repeat.
  • Prioritize social media and integrate it into your other marketing efforts. Remember, Vic learns a lot from his network; he also likes to share what he knows and cares about. Make your posts positive, highly visual and exciting to share. Video testimonials from committed donors and grateful beneficiaries can really showcase your mission.
  • Keep yourself in the news. Vic is a media consumer, and what he hears about you stays with him and keeps you top of mind. Send press releases to news outlets and pitch your organization’s leaders as subject matter experts when news breaks related to your cause.


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The “How Do You Help Others?” survey was sponsored by Newport ONE and conducted by the Harmon Research Group in partnership with Chamberlin Dunn, Grey Matter Research & Consulting, and Melissa S. Brown & Associates, LLC, in mid-March 2020.



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