Reece Reluctant

August 11th, 2020

Reece needs to be absolutely confident in his understanding of your mission. He wants to know how you’ll use his money, and he prefers to get to know you in some pretty traditional ways.

  • Don’t abandon direct mail. Reece opens your letters, reads them — and remembers them. Though he usually goes online to donate, he’s often compelled to give because of something he received in the mail. From appeals to newsletters, postcards to magazines, print is one of the best ways to reach out to Reece.
  • Keep yourself in the news. Reece is a news consumer, and what he hears about you stays with him and lets him know you’re credible. Send press releases to local news outlets and pitch your organization’s leaders as subject matter experts when news breaks related to your cause. Consider ads and sponsorships to keep your name top of mind.
  • Make it easy for Reece to get to know you. Create a marketing campaign around volunteerism or nonmonetary donations. Let Reece interact with you in ways that don’t involve giving you money until you’ve earned your way into his comfort zone.
  • Mind your p’s and q’s. Seek out, qualify for and — when possible — improve your charity ratings. Your reputation precedes you, and these are go-to resources for Reece.
  • Build up your digital relationship. Yes, Reece might be “old-school” in some ways, but when he goes online to give, you can draw him in further with ads and retargeting campaigns. Point Reece toward content that helps him learn more about you and keeps him coming back to find out more.


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The “How Do You Help Others?” survey was sponsored by Newport ONE and conducted by the Harmon Research Group in partnership with Chamberlin Dunn, Grey Matter Research & Consulting, and Melissa S. Brown & Associates, LLC, in mid-March 2020.



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