Pen Promoter

August 11th, 2020

Turning Pen into a financial contributor will take some time, effort and patience. But there’s a big payoff at the end if you’re willing to go the extra mile.

  • Pen eagerly wants to support the causes that matter to her. Equally, she wants to be seen supporting those causes. On social media, invite her to spread the word about your work, and encourage her to get involved at Instagram-worthy volunteer events.
  • Think digital, digital, digital. Pen lives online, so your marketing should include multiple touchpoints beyond your website, including social media, advertising, email and retargeting campaigns. And of course, mobile optimization is a must!
  • Keep yourself in the news. The majority of what Pen knows about charitable causes, she learns from news sources. Make sure you’re sending press releases to local news outlets, everything from print to TV to public radio. Pitch your organization’s leaders as subject matter experts who are available to be interviewed when news breaks related to your cause. And consider advertisements or sponsorships that keep your name top of mind.
  • Did we mention social media? Truly, we can’t say it enough! Your social presence needs to be vibrant, positive and visually captivating. Not only do you need to engage Pen, you need to inspire her to share what she’s seen. Invest in great photography, and get creative with video. Social is an ever-evolving space where authenticity and originality are more important than slick production!
  • Don’t give up! Remember, you’re on a journey with Pen. You might not see financial results overnight, but if you stick by her today, she’ll stand with you for years to come.


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The “How Do You Help Others?” survey was sponsored by Newport ONE and conducted by the Harmon Research Group in partnership with Chamberlin Dunn, Grey Matter Research & Consulting, and Melissa S. Brown & Associates, LLC, in mid-March 2020.



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