Izzy Infrequent

August 11th, 2020

Izzy has seen who you are and what you do, and she likes it. What she needs now is to see how she fits in and why she’s important to your cause.

  • First, identify the Izzys on your list. Keep track of supporters who have volunteered, made nonmonetary gifts and occasionally have contributed a few dollars. Then …
  • Speak to Izzy’s emotions. Her head knows people are in need; her heart wants to feel that she can help, even if she’s not a large donor. Give her opportunities to visit your organization in person so she can feel part of the cause and maybe even meet some of the people she’s helping. Reach out to her through a nonmonetary donation marketing campaign focused on volunteering or in-kind donations.
  • Empower Izzy through your messaging. Make sure she knows that every gift — no matter the size — makes an impact on a real person. With Izzy, you’re not just competing against other nonprofits; you’re asking her to give money she would normally give to help friends and family. When you make her believe that even a $5 gift matters, you’ll start seeing more of those gifts from Izzy — and they’ll add up!
  • Optimize your website with mobile-friendly landing pages. Today’s donors and prospects all want the ability to give in multiple ways (credit card, PayPal, etc.).
  • Boost your digital marketing efforts, especially ads and retargeting campaigns for repeat website visitors. Include multiple touchpoints, such as website, social media and email. Remember: Storytelling is vital! Every time Izzy engages with you, she needs to be reminded that she has the power to make an important difference.


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The “How Do You Help Others?” survey was sponsored by Newport ONE and conducted by the Harmon Research Group in partnership with Chamberlin Dunn, Grey Matter Research & Consulting, and Melissa S. Brown & Associates, LLC, in mid-March 2020.



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