Winning or Not Losing: Fundraising Legislation Update

June 7th, 2016

One less thing for you to worry about today!

In politics, winning is the same as not losing. That was certainly the case this past few weeks with a few legislative victories. Or as we like to say, “beating back the crazy!”

The foolish Oklahoma bill that would have severely restricted fundraising by animal rights and welfare groups (and passed the State House, God forbid), died a quiet death in the State Senate. Good riddance!

And the ridiculous bill that was circulating in the California legislature that would have required all nonprofits who fundraise in California (yeah, just about everyone!) to put a “prominent link” on their website home page to the California’s AG office informing donors of their rights was also defeated.

A special shout out to the hundreds upon hundreds of nonprofit organizations that lent their voices to scuttle these efforts.

Newport One serves on industry boards and committees that work to protect nonprofit organizations and our industry from these types of overreaching or ill-conceived actions.   We wanted to pass along the latest good news – or not-bad news!

Now, back to the 10,000,000 things on your To-Do list.


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