White House Change & Its Impact on Fundraising

April 11th, 2017

Every time the presidential election causes a change in which party controls the White House, the fundraising world feels it. Generally speaking, this impact is felt more strongly in the first few weeks or months and then stabilizes back to a level that is closer to historical levels-varying slightly based on which party is in office.

Following the highly publicized presidential campaign this past fall and the strong positions taken by the newly elected president, some non-profits have experienced a surge in fundraising, while others are feeling the pinch from funds being diverted. There is a lot of speculation that we are experiencing a shift in “normal” for fundraising and that this will not return to the philanthropic distribution we are used to. And while I am sure there will be some stabilization, there are definitely signs that indicate we are experiencing a “new normal.”

The large changes that appear to be coming in the next federal budget will most likely shift philanthropic giving. Most of the change we can expect will likely be in how major donors give, but annual donors may also have a slight shift in how they give as well.

So what does that mean for the majority of the organizations who are not currently benefiting from the current administration’s actions?

At NEWPORT ONE, we recommend nonprofit organizations of all stripes do the following: 
  1. Refocus your efforts on communicating your message clearly and with passion.
  2. Speak even more emphatically about the good that you do, and especially the good that donors accomplish with their gifts to your organization.
  3. Be clear about your need for funding. Now is not a time to be quiet, but rather a time to redouble your communication efforts.
  4. Ensure that your organization’s donor experience is smooth and easy. Donors are expecting an experience like they get from Amazon.
So, whether we are experiencing a “new normal” or not, everyone can stand to benefit from increasing communication with their donors, vocalizing the importance of their mission’s impact and progress, and providing donors with a greater philanthropic experience.
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