Newport ONE hosts 2020 Giving Survey Webinar

November 18th, 2020

You’ve already requested the How Do You Help Others? 2020 Giving Survey but there’s so much to unpack.

It’s easy to get stuck by questions like:

  •   Which persona matters most?
  •   Should you care about non-donor personas?
  •   What do you do with Vic Volunteer?
  •   Will Shelby Seldom ever want to give?
  •   Which persona is your advocate?


In this one hour webinar, we’ll help you pull out the most critical insights and provide the actions you can take to put this into practice right now.

View the webinar recording with lead researcher Melissa S. Brown and Craig DePole guiding you through the research.

Please use this passcode to view: 4&Bh&zan



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