Marketing with the Big Dogs

June 13th, 2016

Amazon, Zappos and You

You may not have heard of “remarketing” or “retargeting,” but it’s happened to you. Yes,  you’ve been retargeted.Website Pup

Here’s how it happened. You were shopping online. Minding your own business. You saw a  really great pair of shoes. You clicked on them, considered the price, read the description. Maybe you even put them in a cart. And then you left…

The next thing you know, those shoes are following you. They appear in web ads. They are showing up in your Facebook feed. They are appearing on your search. You think it’s coincidence. You think the universe is telling you to get those shoes.

It’s retargeting! Once reserved for the big dogs in the marketing world, retargeting is one of the latest digital techniques to building your brand awareness and driving donations.

  • Keep your cause top of mind for everyone who has bounced from your website.
  • Remind visitors who went to the donation form but didn’t donate to come back and complete their action.
  • Tailor ads to each group depending on which pages they visit to boost performance and user experience.
  • Serve engaging display ads across the web, mobile web, and Facebook for a complete user experience.

Retargeting also can be used effectively to drive donor renewal and new donor conversions. Ask us how this has helped some of our clients raise even more.

And now, go buy those shoes. You know you want them.

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