Letter of Concern: USPS Template

September 7th, 2017

Postal Regulatory Commission

901 New York Avenue NW, Suite 200
Washington, DC  20268-0001


RE: Docket No. RM 2017-12


Dear Commissioners:

I am writing on behalf of organization, our donors/members and, most importantly, those we serve (your beneficiaries – be specific, if you can).  We rely on the U.S. Mail to raise funds and communicate with our supporters and constituents.  Without the mail, our fundraising would suffer severely and, as a consequence, so would our mission.

We simply do not understand why suddenly there is a need to increase nonprofit marketing mail rates for the nominal benefit of commercial marketing mail.  This would seem to fly in the face of the rationale of the law granting nonprofits a discounted rate.

As a practical matter, injecting unanticipated increases such as those proposed here by USPS will mean that our fundraising budget will not be able to keep pace with the increase in postage costs.  The inevitable result will be a reduction in our use of the mail, a reduction in our revenues, and, in turn, a reduction in our ability to serve our beneficiaries.

If our postage rates were to increase, say, 5%, and produce a corresponding 5% loss of revenue, we would not able to impact on your programs (if you can, and as specifically as possible).  Respectfully, we ask you to consider this consequence.

Please do not change the current system for calculating nonprofit rates. Implemented by the Postal Service ten years ago, we see no pressing need for a change, especially not one that will do harm to all nonprofits using the mail.

Very Truly Yours,




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