Fundraising in times of crisis

April 6th, 2020

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On Friday, March 27, Roy Jones and I sat down to talk about fundraising in times of crisis. This episode is different than our typical episodes because it’s not an interview, but a candid conversation about emergency / crisis fundraising.

In this conversation we address whether nonprofits should stop fundraising because of COVID-19, what the impact of pulling back or delaying will be, and how your organization can be successful in spite of this global crisis.

You’ll hear us talk about specific tactics and strategies you can leverage right now to stay top of mind with your donors and make sure that your cause is positioned for success in a crisis.

Our conversation is based on our collective 50 years of experience working for dozens of international and domestic charities through plenty of crisis situations.

We hope this conversation adds value to your daily work. Please leave us a comment or send us an email at podcast[at]newportone[dot]com to continue the discussion.

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