COVID-19 Resources

Helping Extraordinary Organizations Respond to Extraordinary Times

For over 40 years Newport ONE has been honored to work alongside numerous nonprofit organizations raising money to make a difference in the world. But at no time that we remember has the nonprofit and fundraising community been more needed than now during this COVID-19 global crisis.

By early March many of our clients began mobilizing, quickly reconfiguring operations to meet the growing demands for food, shelter, hygiene kits and temporary or permanent homes for displaced and sheltered animals.

Together we developed emergency messaging and fluid strategies to alert donors and raise additional funds needed to support rapidly changing circumstances and growing needs across all sectors and missions.

We hope to inspire you with our extraordinary clients’ evolving stories, strategies and outcomes as they continue to serve on the frontline in these extraordinary times. We also aim to provide you with professional insights and resources to help in our critical fundraising efforts.


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